Top-up Degrees Programmes

University Programme Title
University of
the West of England, Bristol
BSc (Hons) Digital Media


Higher Diploma Programmes

Programme Code Programme Title
IT114105 Higher Diploma in Software Engineering
IT114118 Higher Diploma in AI and Mobile Applications Development
IT114206 Higher Diploma in Games & Animation
IT114208 Higher Diploma in Theme Park and Theatre Creative Technology


Diploma Programme

Programme Code Programme Title
FS123002N Diploma of Foundation Studies (Information Technology)


Taster Workshop

Workshop Code Workshop Title
TMIT01 Augmented Reality Workshop
TMIT02 VR360 Video Production Workshop
TMIT03 Smart Home Workshop
TMIT04 HTML5 Game Development Workshop
TMIT05 Digital Sculpting Workshop
TMIT06 3D Video Production Workshop
TMIT07 Video Game Production Workshop
TMIT08 Mobile Game Development Workshop with App Inventor
TMIT09 Unity Video Game Production Workshop
TMIT10 Smartphone Sensors Control Workshop
TMIT11 Stop Motion Animation Workshop
TMIT12 Interactive Zoetrope Making Workshop
TMIT13 Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop with micro:bit
TMIT14 Mini Drone Programming and Competition Workshop
TMIT15 Responsive Web Design (RWD) Workshop
TMIT16 Experience 3D / Virtual Reality on Mobile Phones Workshop
TMIT17 Coding for FUN Workshop
TMIT18 Robotic Car Programming Workshop
TMIT19 3D Hologram Projections by Mobile Phone Workshop


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